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2013 Results

8th Annual David Hutton Memorial 5K Run & 2-Mile Walk.


August 17, 2013


Emporium, Pa 15834


Total of 66 Runners; 20 males and 46 females. 


William Hunter from Emporium, PA was the overall finisher.


Molly Quesenberry from St. Marys, PA was the overall female finisher


# Eugenia Clark of Emporium, Pa was the recipient of the “Citius, Altius, Fortius” award for most improved time from the previous year with an improvement of 1 min. 15 sec.


This year’s Scholarship recipients were:  Nick Conway and Cassandra Lyon. 


The David Hutton Memorial Race Committee would like to thank all of the volunteers, sponsors throughout the region, participants, and a special thanks to the Fire Police, EMS, and Boro for managing the streets and traffic during race time.



Male Overall:


                        William Hunter, 1st overall, 17:47


Male 14 & under:

                        No participants


Male 15-19:

                        1st Logan Hutton, 5th overall, 20:47


Male 20-29:

                        1st Russ Marold, 10th overall, 22:24


Male 30-39:

                        1st Jeff Hutton, 3rd overall, 19:21

                        2nd Steve Luckenbill, 20th overall, 25:45

                        3rd Joseph Sayre, 36th overall, 30:16

                        4th Andy Dalton, 40th overall, 31:33


Male 40-49:

                        1st Sean Conklin, 2nd overall, 18:30 Age Group Record

                        2nd Sean Batterson, 6th overall, 20:48

                        3rd Rob Redden, 9th overall, 22:08

                        4th Matthew Quesenberry, 18th overall, 25:09

                        5th Christopher Luckenbill, 47th overall, 32:21


Male 50-59:

                        1st Tom Gooch, 4th overall, 20:44

                        2nd Lynn Newcomer, 7th overall, 21:45

                        3rd Robert Steffer, 13th overall, 23:57

                        4th Tim Conrad, 17th overall, 24:43


Male 60-69:

                        1st Chris Cole, 8th overall, 21:53 Age Group Record

                        2nd Dan Miller, 19th overall, 25:40

                        3rd Roger Deller, 23rd overall, 27:32

                        4th Ben Zappa, 28th overall, 28:50



Female Overall:


                        Molly Quesenberry, 11th overall, 22:33


Female 14 and under:

                        1st Kendyl Guisto, 32nd overall, 29:24

                        2nd Conner Gracey-Dalton, 41st overall, 31:33


Female 15-19:

                        1st Alayna Genevro, 22nd overall, 27:30

                        2nd Chloe Slusarick, 31st overall, 29:21

                        3rd Noelle Austin, 43rd overall, 31:47

                        4th Amelia Holjencin, 49th overall, 33:31

                        5th Cassidy McLaughlin, 56th overall, 35:06


Female 20-29:

                        1st Hilary Cooney, 12th overall, 23:32

                        2nd Lauren Topolski, 15th overall, 24:43

                        3rd Julie Humble, 24th overall, 27:35

                        4th Kendra Graham, 37th overall, 30:22

                        5th Whitney Jones, 38th overall, 30:37

                        6th Cara Garrigan, 39th overall, 31:06

                        7th Kelsey Coppersmith, 55th overall, 34:57

                        8th Skylar Redden, 58th overall, 37:32

                        9th Alyssa Clingan, 59th overall, 38:26


Female 30-39:

                        1st Daphne McNamara, 16th overall, 24:54

                        2nd Desiree Cummings, 26th overall, 27:57

                        3rd Mandy Bresslin, 33rd overall, 29:42

                        4th Kristin Eckert, 34th overall, 29:59

                        5th Kristin Langianese, 35th overall, 30:15

                        6th Ashley Trumpie, 42nd overall, 31:46

                        7th Annie Mazumdar, 45th overall, 32:07

                        8th Nicole Line, 50th overall, 33:32

                        9th Janel Palmatier, 51st overall, 33:37

                        10th Jen L. Pearsall, 52nd overall, 33:40

                        11th Abbey Johnson-Ernst, 53rd overall, 34:25

                        12th Tabatha Dart, 54th overall, 34:57

                        13th Anne Sayre, 60th overall, 38:43

                        14th Lori Dixon, 61st overall, 40:24

                        15th Denice Mohr, 62nd overall, 40:46

                        16th Becky Pennypacker, 63rd overall, 40:46

                        17th Tiffany Conn, 65th overall, 43:34

                        18th Brooke Wolosewicz, 66th overall, 44:47


Female 40-49:

                        1st Eugenia Clark, 14th overall, 24:04 #

                        2nd Stephanie Loveland, 25th overall, 27:56

                        3rd Tammy Gaines, 27th overall, 28:01

                        4th Christine Slusarick, 30th overall, 29:10

                        5th Tracy McLaughlin, 48th overall, 32:41

                        6th Jeanmare Holjencin, 57th overall, 35:10

                        7th Brenda Goodwill, 64th overall, 40:55


Female 50-59:

                        1st Colleen DeBoer, 21st overall, 25:54 Age Group Record

                        2nd Fe Caruso, 29th overall, 29:10

                        3rd Molly Topolski, 44th overall, 32:02

                        4th Susan Newcomer, 46th overall, 32:14


Female 60+:

                        No Participants

Katie Hutton,
Aug 22, 2013, 5:10 AM