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the 10th Annual David Hutton Memorial 5K Race & 2-Mile Walk

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2009 Results

Male Overall:


                        Wee J. Fernan   17:33  New course record!


Male 14 & under:

                        1st Joseph Horning 28th overall 26:13

                        2nd Cody Neff 41st overall 30:31


Male 15-19:

                        1st Steven Kibbe 4th overall 18:21

                        2nd John Ausel 5th overall 18:28

                        3rd Caleb Lecker 6th overall 18:42

                        4th Trevor Clark 23rd overall 24:55


Male 20-29:

                        1st Ben Huey 2nd overall 17:49

                        2nd Jeff Hutton 3rd overall 18:06

                        3rd Nate Dippold 9th overall 19:53

                        4th Cory Neff 13th overall 22:37

                        5th Joe Haines 35th overall 27:48

                        6th Eric Grasser 45th overall 31:44

                        7th Derek Newcomer 48th overall 33:49


Male 30-39:

                        1st Timothy Wyant 7th overall 18:56

                        2nd James Housler 10th overall 20:28

                        3rd Andy Sidelinger 15th overall 22:50

                        4th Scott Surra 18th overall  23:53

                        5th Kurt O’Brian 19th overall 24:14

                        6th Eugene Barr 20th overall 24:44

                        7TH Shawn Whitaker 21st overall 24:47

                        8th Mark Conklin 24th overall 25:27


Male 40-49:

                        1st Myron Zwally 11th overall 20:38

                        2nd Tom Hutton 12th overall 22:10

                        3rd Larry Grigsby 25th overall 25:37

                        4th Bill Carr 26th overall 25:48


Male 50-59:

                        1st Ken Huey 16th overall 23:20

                        2nd Dan Miller 22nd overall 24:54


Male 60-69:

                        1st Chuck Kepler 27th overall 25:50

                        2nd Ben Zappa 29th overall 26:25

                        3rd Don Olivett 40th overall 30:21



Female Overall:


                        Emily Giannotti 19:43  New Course Record!


Female 14 and under:

                        1st Amelia Kibbe 17th overall 23:38

                        2nd Marissa Umble 42nd overall 30:45


Female 15-19:

                        1st Allison Giannotti 14th overall 22:48

                        2nd Lauren Topolski 32nd overall 27:04


Female 20-29:

                        1st Tiffany Russell 36th overall 28:05

                        2nd Heather Newcomer 43rd overall 31:03

                        3rd Sarah Gehman 46th overall 33:02

                        4th Beth Newcomer 47th overall 33:48


Female 30-39:

                        1st Margaret Travis 33rd overall 27:05

                        2nd Michele Burdick 49th overall 34:45

                        3rd Carey Pifer 50th overall 43:48


Female 40-49:

                        1st Christine Morrison 30th overall 26:40

                        2nd Patty Giannotti 31st overall 26:53

                        3rd Beth Horning 34th overall 27:29

                        4th Tammy Gaines 37th overall 28:17

                        5th Joanna Mason 39th overall 28:50

                        6th Molly Topolski 44th overall 31:13


Female 50-59:       1st Sue Newcomer 38th overall 28:21

Katie Hutton,
Apr 29, 2012, 1:57 PM