Cameron County Cup

The Cameron County Cup was established in 2015 to be awarded to one Cameron County Business that wins the Corporate Team competition at the Annual David Hutton Memorial 5k Run.  The award will be kept with the winning Business for the entire coming year and given back on the day prior to the race.  It is to be displayed in the main office area of the awarded business and is solely owned by the David Hutton Memorial Race.  A plaque will also be given each year to the business to be kept permanently in the main office of the awarded business.

The criteria to be eligible are as follows:

·         All eligible participants must be current employees of that business.

·         Can be a resident of any county/state/country.

·         Each business wishing to be considered shall provide names of the participants from their business prior to the event.

·         There is no limit to the number of participants a business can enter.

·         The top 2 male and top 2 female finishers from each team will be used.

·         The lowest overall combined time will determine the winner and Cameron County Cup champion.

·         The trophy will be given to a company representative during the awards ceremony.

The David Hutton Memorial Committee reserves the right to disqualify teams based on false employment information provided about members of their team.

The sole purpose of this event is to encourage health and wellness at our local businesses.  This event also can bring people together for a day of fun and friendly business competition.

Katie Hutton,
Aug 16, 2015, 6:25 PM